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Program Overview

10 Weeks:

2 on ice sessions per week. 


Off-ice Strength & Conditioning

On-ice Skill Development:

20 hours of skill development with the athletes age group/ skill level. Each session will have unique differences for athlete engagement while skill repetition will be enforced to develop each athlete over the course of the summer. Sessions will also include a variety of small area games, creating face paced game situations and competitve play.  


We are focusing on fast paced sessions, where athletes will get multiple reps in every drill. Creating small groups with short lines. 4-5 coaches will be on the ice to give athletes an increased amount of coaching points throughout the practice.

Skating: stride/ edges, speed, power, conditioning, speed w/ the puck, etc.

Stickhandling: Puck control, overspeed, situational awareness.

Off-ice Strength & Conditioning

Mite - Peewee: 20 sessions. Workouts will be before or after each on-ice skill session or 3on3 game. Session will include an Off-ice shooting session + Gym strength & conditioning. 

High School - Bantam: 3 Workouts per week. Focus will be on the athletes overall fitness level. Off-season strength will be a focal point in their development. The program will be designed for the athletes to peak as they start the 2022 school year.

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